5-Step Method to Clean Leather Car Seats (Updated)

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 Editor’s note: This post was originally published on 8/29/16 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehension.So you splurged on leather seats. You’re living in the lap of luxury. The dream comes to a screeching halt once the leather seats become dingy and dirty.Properly caring for your car’s seats will maintain the level of comfort and luxury you’re used to, as well as the vehicle’s value.Follow these steps to clean your leather car seats.1. Vacuum the seatsUse an attachment and open up the leather seat’s seams to get into the creases. Over time, as you get in and out of the seats, movement and friction with these particles will act as an abrasive and damage the material.2. Start with the gentlest method Purchase a leather cleaner from your dealership and test it on a small portion of the leather. Spray the cleaner or moisten a clean, dry cloth with it, and apply medium pressure over the seat. You can clean the seats this way every month or so to take care of dirt.3. Go biggerIf stains persist, use a brush with a soft bristle and gently move it back and forth over the area. Still not working? Use the cleaner over the area and then agitate the soiled area with the brush. Once you work up a lather, quickly wipe it away with a dry but soft cloth.4. Tackle stubborn stainsTake a scrub pad designed for use on interior car upholstery, but be careful to use light pressure. At most, only employ medium pressure, as this method can damage the leather. If the area in question is aged and worn, using a scrub pad may permanently damage the area, as it will be vulnerable and weak. 5. ConditionAfter cleaning the car seats, apply a leather conditioner to care for the material. This will help keep it clean and prevent cracks, too.If you’re concerned about your leather seats or you want to be proactive and take great care of your car, get in touch with the People Pleasin’ experts at Serra Mazda with your questions!
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