Buying a Car? 4 Reasons New Trumps Used

March 28th, 2018 by

There really isn’t a feeling that compares to driving a new car off the lot for the first time.

And what about that new car smell?

It’s delightful.

While you have several options when it comes to replacing your old vehicle, here are the reasons that buying new just may be best.

1. It doesn’t have a history
You know that no one else has ever driven the car.

It’s not going to break down from poor maintenance and there’s no chance that it’s been damaged in an accident.

A new car is a clean slate.

2. The warranty
A new car comes with a full warranty from the manufacturer.

Most will offer a 3-year, 36,000-mile factory warranty that covers the car from bumper-to-bumper.

In addition, the dealer will probably also offer you an extended warranty that would kick in when the manufacturer’s warranty runs out.

3. Better incentives
Car dealerships will normally offer better deals for brand new vehicles.

You’ll probably get lower interest rates and maybe rebates.

It’s common to get better financing options for a new car.

You may even get zero percent financing for a period of time.

4. Safer and more fuel efficient
New cars come equipped with the latest in safety technology – many come standard.

From backup cameras to lane-assist and front-end collision alerts, you’ll be safer than ever before.

The same goes for gas economy.

Brand new models are more fuel efficient than their older counterparts, which means you can save significantly at the pump.

Buying new makes sense
The pros for buying a brand new vehicle are hard to ignore.

The latest features, the warranty, and the rebates and other incentives are all great reasons to go new.

Working with the right dealer can help, too.

See the folks at Serra Mazda for help!

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