Driving Tips to Keep Your Manual Transmission Humming

January 25th, 2022 by
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Manual transmissions aren’t for everyone. In fact, more and more people don’t know how to drive them and are even totally unaware they’re still being sold! However, the stick-shift car is alive and well, even if the majority of drivers eschew having to manually shift gears while behind the wheel. If you’re interested in learning how to drive a manual transmission, you’re in good company! Some of the finest models are stick shifts, and many of the world’s most proficient drivers insist on driving a manual! Below, our team will offer tips for driving a manual transmission car to help you take on the North Canton streets with confidence.

5 Tips for Driving Manual

If you prefer doing the work, learning how to drive a manual transmission is a rewarding experience. While it can take practice to get nailed down, driving a stick shift enables you to feel total control over your vehicle. You can pick up the skill in no time, especially when you explore our tips for driving a manual transmission car. Use these stick shift tips to keep your engine in tip-top shape:

  • Tip #1: Don’t rest your hands on the gear shift. This stick shift tip reminds you to always keep your hands on the wheel in the 10-and-2 positions. This is the best way to ensure that you can respond to the traffic in front of you and be ready to safely steer the car.
  • Tip#2 Don’t ride the clutch. If you keep your left foot touching the clutch while you drive, you could be putting your vehicle at risk. Over time, the pressure you apply to the clutch will cause it to burn out. If you want your clutch to last as long as possible, take your foot off of it as soon as you change gears.
  • Tip #3 Don’t forget the brake. If you’re going up a hill and want to stop the car from rolling backward, don’t rely on the brake only. Use the emergency brake instead. If you’re constantly depending on the brake, it’ll wear out quicker than if you used the emergency brake to assist you. This tip for driving a manual transmission car will help you save big in the long run!
  • Tip #4 Don’t coast. When the vehicle is in neutral and you decide to coast, you’re probably hoping to save on gas. While this is true, it’s a dangerous move. When the car is neutral, you’re not in control of the car. So if a person, animal, or object suddenly appears in front of your car, you’ll have less time to respond. Never coast down a hill in neutral either, as you’ll have to press on the brake with a lot of pressure to stop, which could overheat the brake.
  • Tip #5 Don’t spike the RPMs. When the RPMs are low, you shouldn’t throttle the gas to gain speed quickly. You’ll risk stressing the engine. If you want to accelerate, shift gears instead, and you’ll get momentum.

Keep these tips for driving manual in mind, and you’ll help your vehicle enjoy a longer lifespan for your commutes from Canton to Hudson.

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