Mazda Safety: Rear Seat Reminder to Save Children From Heatstroke

October 18th, 2019 by

True innovation solves pressing problems.Mazda has joined up with other automakers to solve a life-threatening issue that has become more common in recent years.They’re adding rear-seat reminder systems to all their new vehicles to prompt parents and other caregivers to check the backseat for children.This is just the latest in the automobile industry’s crusade to make vehicles safer for children, including increasing awareness of the dangers of leaving children alone in a vehicle. The commitmentAuto manufacturers, like Mazda, will introduce a variety of methods for reminding parents and caregivers to check the backseat for little ones.These warnings may include:Auditory alerts.Visual alerts.A combination of the two.These alerts will happen when the vehicle is turned off. Automakers have committed to having these types of alerts in all vehicles by the 2025 model year – or sooner.Mazda’s president speaksHere’s what the president of Mazda, Jeff Guyton, had to say: “Sadly, each year, we see children die from heatstroke suffered when left unattended in the backseat of passenger vehicles. The commitment by Mazda and the entire automotive industry to install rear seat reminder safety systems underscores how such innovations will help parents and caretakers keep their children safe.”Support Mazda’s child-safety initiativeWhether you have children, grandchildren, or you take care of little ones, you never know when the stresses of a busy day will make you forget the most important thing.When it’s time to add a new vehicle to your family, consider an investment in a Mazda.Your purchase shows your commitment to making cars, SUVs, and trucks safe for the whole family.Stop in and see us at Serra Mazda and talk to a member of our friendly, knowledgeable sales staff about the vehicle that best fits your unique needs.
Source: Serra Mazda Blog

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