Why Are My Brakes Grinding?

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You’re driving around North Canton, simply going about your normal daily commute or weekly errand. You suddenly hear a metallic sound coming from your car as you apply the brakes. Then, you wonder, “Why are my brakes grinding?” You begin to worry about the safety of your family and how much the brake repairs will cost because brakes are not cheap, but they’re necessary for safety. The sound of brakes grinding may indicate issues with your braking system that need immediate attention for everyone’s safety.



You may be tempted to delay your next brake repair until it’s more convenient and when you can pay for it. Brake repairs are the one thing you shouldn’t put off. Need a reason to bring your vehicle in for brake service now? The National Highway Safety Administration has found that faulty brakes are a factor in one-fourth, or 25%, of all car accidents in the United States.

Rather than gamble with your family’s safety or risk a more expensive repair, schedule service with Serra Mazda as soon as possible. Until your appointment, our team will discuss some common causes for brake grinding with our detailed guide.

Why Are My Brakes Grinding When Stopping?

The first important question we need to ask is, When do you notice your brakes making grinding noises? If you hear your brakes grinding when stopping, it could be for a few different reasons. All of them should be taken care of soon.

These are the three main reasons why brakes make a grinding noise when stopping:

  • If you hear the grinding sound when stopping or slowing down, the main cause is likely your brake pads. Brake pads lose their thickness over time. They’ll start to make a squealing noise when they show signs of wear. This is known as brake scrubbing, and it’s normal as your brakes wear down. The squealing noise turns into a grinding noise if you don’t take care of the grinding brakes. Regular brake inspections at our service center can help you get ahead of the problem before it becomes more serious 
  • If you hear a sharper grinding noise as the problem progresses, it could be the sound of your brake disc and calipers wearing down further. The calipers are what squeeze against the brake discs to cause the wheel to stop turning. This sharper grinding noise may also cause a rumble in your brake pedal. Your vehicle may need brake pad replacement but also a disc or rotor replacement. Definitely get this looked at as soon as possible.
  • If you hear brakes grinding when stopping at full force, like when you hit the brakes hard when you unexpectedly see something in front of you, it could be your Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS). Your ABS will activate if you apply the full brakes very suddenly. It may even cause vibrations in the pedal. 

Brakes grinding when stopping is no small matter in any situation, and you should get the problem looked at soon. 

Why Are My Brakes Grinding When Driving?

If your brakes are making a grinding noise when driving in and around Canton, it might be a sign of rocks and debris bouncing off the caliper and rotor. This is a relatively easy fix for a service center. But it’s important to get it resolved quickly to prevent further damage as the debris bangs around because it could become stuck and reduce the effectiveness of your brakes. 

You can try to remove the debris yourself if you have experience with brake systems. However, most Hudson drivers prefer to leave brake repairs to our experienced service department. Our factory-trained technicians can fix brakes from any make or model. If your vehicle is in for any type of maintenance, such as an oil change, we can perform a brake inspection to make sure they’re in top shape before they start grinding.

Schedule Professional Brake Service with Serra Mazda

Looking for the exact answer to the question “Why are my brakes grinding?” There is one way to find out. The experts at Serra Mazda will look over your braking system to diagnose the problem and suggest a solution. We’re a dealer specializing in new Mazda vehicles, but we can service brakes on any make and model. 

Contact us or call 330-645-7275 with any questions, or schedule a service appointment at your convenience. We can also take care of tires, batteries, radiators, and oil changes when you’re ready for regular car maintenance.


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