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Let’s say my car won’t start in the cold, but the battery is good. You might ask, “Why won’t my car start in the cold and how can I get going?” There could be many factors at play, which is why it’s important to get a good diagnosis at a reputable service center. But in the meantime, you can do some troubleshooting at home to get your car back on the North Canton roads! Learn how to start a car in the cold, and pick up more service tips at Serra Mazda!



Why Won’t My Car Start in the Cold?

Why won’t my car start in the cold? That depends. Cold weather is hard on your car’s components. Sometimes the temperatures can slow down your car’s battery. If your car won’t start in cold, but the battery is good, it could be an engine issue. Here are some common issues we see at the service center:

  • Battery Output: Car batteries produce less electrical current when it’s cold compared to when it’s warm. This means your battery struggles to work properly in freezing temperatures.
  • Engine Oil: If your car won’t start in the cold, but the battery is good, it might be your engine oil. Your oil thickens in the cold weather, which means it doesn’t flow through the engine as readily. This can put a strain on both your powertrain and battery.
  • Fuel Line: Moisture in the fuel lines can freeze and cause a fuel line blockage. This prevents the fuel from flowing to the engine, hindering your performance. If you drive a diesel vehicle, diesel can also gel in the cold.
  • Carburetor: The small nozzles of your carburetors can become clogged, trapping moisture and stopping your vehicle. This is more important for older cars in Canton than new models.

How to Start a Car in the Cold

Knowing how to start a car in the cold can save you a lot of time and effort on a busy morning in Hudson. Here are the steps you’ll need to follow:

  • Turn off all electrical systems and wait a few minutes. This frees up battery power, which gives your car a better chance of starting.
  • Dip the clutch when starting your ignition. This removes even more stress and strain from your battery.
  • Check your battery and cables for corrosion. Your owner’s manual will have information for your specific make and model.
  • Check your engine oil, and add more with a funnel if your levels are low.

What is a Cold Start?

Learning how to start a car in the cold is one thing, but if your car is seriously stuck, you might need to perform a cold start. What is a cold start? A cold start is a jump start in frigid temperatures. Here are the steps:

  1. Find a set of jumper cables and a helpful driver with a working car.
  2. Turn off both cars, and make sure that they’re parked with batteries facing one another.
  3. Attach one of the red jumper cables to the positive terminal of the good battery.
  4. Attach the other red jumper cable to the battery of the car that won’t start.
  5. Attach the black jumper cable to the negative terminal on the good battery.
  6. Attach the remaining black cable to an unpainted metal surface on your vehicle.
  7. Start the car with the good battery and try to start your car periodically.
  8. Once your car has started, remove the cables in reverse order.
  9. Let your car run for at least 10-15 minutes to build up a charge.

Still have questions about what is a cold start? Don’t hesitate to contact our service center. We can help you with troubleshooting tips and schedule your service appointment.

Get Quality Service at Serra Mazda

If you want to enjoy your winter travels in Hudson, proper preparation is key. Contact us to learn more about winterizing your car, and visit our service center to get your car ready for the cold weather!


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