Warning! Avoid These 5 Car Care Mistakes

April 20th, 2018 by

When you think of maintaining your vehicle do you automatically think of an oil change?

While your oil is one of the most important aspects of taking care of your car, it won’t last long if that’s the only thing you stay on top of.

Here are critical mistakes to avoid making with your vehicle.

1. Not paying attention to the tires
Nothing will cause your tires to wear out more quickly than failing to have them rotated regularly.

It’s generally recommended that they are rotated every six months or 5,000 miles, though you should consult your owner’s manual to see what’s best for your specific make and model.

Don’t forget to check the tire pressure, too. When it’s off, your tires won’t wear evenly and your vehicle won’t be as fuel efficient as it should be.

2. Never checking fluid levels
Oil isn’t the only fluid that’s important to your vehicle’s health.

You should also be keeping an eye on:
Engine coolant.
Transmission fluid.
Power steering fluid.
Windshield wiper fluid.
They need to be periodically topped off and/or changed out completely.

Again, your owner’s manual is your car care bible – use it.

3. Failing to get a comprehensive inspection
It’s important to get your car checked out, from bumper to bumper, about every 15,000 miles.

This assessment should include all the vehicle’s interior and exterior safety components.

4. Ignoring the quality of your wiper blades
Don’t underestimate the importance of these small, inexpensive parts.

A windshield that’s dirty or covered with snow can be a major hazard.

A general rule of thumb is to change them out every six months unless you notice cracks or tears sooner.

5. Not monitoring the timing and drive belts
Unfortunately, predicting when your timing belt will go out is a crapshoot.

There are no real parameters for how long they should last or when they should be changed, but it’s recommended that they are inspected with every oil change.

Don’t get left in the cold
That’s literally what can happen if your vehicle breaks down in the middle of an Ohio winter.

Or spring, for that matter!

Stay in close contact with your trusted mechanic or your dealer’s expert auto technicians.

See the folks at Serra Mazda for help!

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